Wherever I May Video: Lisa Harres

Let’s Say Goodbye Video, directed by Matt Lambert, Camera: Martin Ruhe
Featuring Interludes Image I & Image II (Hey Mama, Hey Papa)

All songs written and performed by Finn Ronsdorf 
Produced by Ralph Heidel
Mixed by Max Rieger
Mastered by Zino Mikorey

Voices: Lisa Harres, Nicolas Fehr, Julian Klaas, Shelter Boy, Ralph Heidel 
Saxophone / Flute: Ralph Heidel 
Cello: Marie-Claire Schlameus 
Drums: Jannis Kleiß
Violine (Image IV): Teresa Allgaier 
Cello (Image IV): Juri Kannheiser
Add. Piano (Image III): Rafael Funke 
Add. Producers: Lisa Harres, Jane Arnison, Shelter Boy, Hannes Butzer 

Photo Artwork: Mar Fu Qi
Photo Artwork Wherever I May: Leo Suhm 

Out on Awal

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

We laughed, we ate, we improvised, we discarded, we had no clue, we sang

After the actual creation of the music, there followed an extended period of letting myself grow a so called “business muscle“.
This seemed to be the main requirement for my new office job centered around the selling of a hallucinatory self-image invented as means to make all kinds of generous souls put their banknotes into me.

Absorbed in my new occupation, I realized that I was part of a bigger scheme: the structure of All and Everything:
Wherever I looked, people were busy either projecting an image of “more”, or trying to “become more” in order to be accepted by their fellows. Fascinatingly, the result was not acceptance, but jealousy, comparison and criticism. 
On the other hand, when someone was acknowledging their total lack of success and pointing out their true nature – that of an absolute failure – it made others quite joyful and provided an almost harmonious atmosphere. 

This is because all are N O T H I N G to the same extent, and there has never been a single being being “more”. 
Knowing everyone's nothingness, there is absolutely no need for any kind of art, artist, Jesus or Einstein. I have tried to express this in my songs.